Just to Clarify

I drove forever and ever and made it to Laramie. I got a room here. It’s pretty swank and probably twice as much as I ought to should be paying, but you know, I’ll spend an extra $80 on this trip on hotel rooms, especially after driving straight through from Golden Pond! The sad thing is, I still have another 20 hours or 1,300 miles! Going to Kentucky didn’t seem so bad. Anyhow, my little 2.0 liter is barely making it up the grades here with everything in it. It’s going to get a lot hairier. There started to be 50 mph wind gust in Cheyenne. If this is going to be the case tomorrow, I won’t get very far.

I now have 5 places to go look at once I get into town. If it’s big enough, I’m going for the room in Weed so I can save money. There is a studio cottage in Dunsmuir, a two-bedroom upper flat in Dunsmuir, a room to rent in a 3-bedroom on the river in Dunsmuir, and a one bedroom cottage in Mt. Shasta. Just so I can keep it straight. I am trying to go look at them all, but the 2-bedroom on Tuesday. The two-bedroom isn’t available until the 28th, Friday. Sharing a three bedroom sounds nicest, but no smoking. I am perfectly fine with not smoking inside or anywhere near the property, but to become a non-smoker, I need some better reasons than people’s opinions about the kind of people smokers are or their hyper-sensitivities to the way people smell after they smoked outside. I’m willing to theoretically shorten my life for the pleasure I derive from it. Don’t take away my pleasure. +pouts+

Oh the insanity! I am feeling ignored by my love. Maybe it’s because we didn’t call him back last weekend, or maybe he needs a break from my insanity, or maybe everything is insane right now, or maybe he’s like, “The return is no longer worth the investment.” Maybe I’m bringing him down and dirtying his vibe, because I feel I’m being treated the way I treat people when I feel like that, but also it’s the way I treat people when I am engrossed in something else. I become completely oblivious. I hope it’s the later. I’m not stalking. I’m just hyper and insane and lonely and insecure.

After realizing how L-O-N-G this drive is the “short” way, I could kick myself for leaving in the first place. In the grand scheme of things, I probably should have just applied for unemployment. Meh!

The wind, it is a-howlin’.

I have a bunch more phone calls to make before my brain completely shuts down.

I love 5-D. I got to talk to both ma honeys! Seriously, I’m going to pass out now, I hope. My body is so done, has been so done for the past 6 hours.

And my body is detoxing Kentucky like crazy: insatiable thirst, giant buggers, frequent urination. Thursday I am going to Spencer Springs if I’m not working.

Forty minute nap on a real bed, OMFG! I don’t ever want to leave! I had some hazy, ‘gazey’ thoughts about triplicity and sharing fabulous things like decent mattresses because I don’t need one every night, but having only had one, one night since leaving Mt. Shasta, um… yeah, not good.

“Sunny Boy” and “Let’s Stay Together” mash-up in my head. I’m hungry but too exhausted to go find real food, or even get dressed for delivery, but my mind is whirring at light speed. If I had a honey here, they could go get me food, or make me tea, or rub my back or something to ground me down. No more 18 hour drives. Especially not when you have to turn around and do it again the next day. I should have taken 2 weeks off and stuck with plan A. Oh well. Lara bars and dried blueberries it is then. Then I am taking a shower and washing my greasy hair and trying to sleep again.


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