Real Quick, Before I Get Tires

I can have my cake and eat it too, because guess why. There is always more cake. Jamie was bitching about enterprise crews again today. “Well of course you are, because they get to have their cake and eat it too.” Um…

Let them eat cake. That’s what they can do in Kentucky. You just eat your cake and then cry because it’s all gone because you don’t understand the abundance paradigm and still operate in a world of lack and finite possibilities. The cake could be a metaphor for the job situation or for love or for the abundance paradigm. I like it.

Even though in many, many ways Kentucky has absolutely sucked it’s all worked out perfectly, or is about to work out perfectly. There are two small wrinkles remaining to be ironed out: my appointment becoming OFFICIAL and finding a place to live. Other than that, the issues are small. What I was able to achieve has been pretty amazing: find a place to live and make about $6K for 2 and half months, avoiding paying rent for 3 months, avoiding applying for unemployment, delay registering my car in California, delay getting my driver’s license renewed in California, delay registering to vote in California, learned ArcGIS, got a couple of months experience as a GS-7, got field experience in Kentucky, got field experience in Tennessee, experience writing Kentucky site forms, experience doing NEPA for prescribed burns and timber sales, meet and kick it with Andy, kick it with the Captain, meet a whole bunch of other down ass peeps, one of whom is from NorCali, one of whom takes the whole foods/slow foods thing seriously enough to have started a garden at I.V.

Now the push back home is on. I just have to maintain and not freak out for a little bit longer while the last two things work themselves out. It’s like the universe is teasing, saying, “See it’s all perfect!” If I believe it’s perfect, it will be. But there’s still enough uncertainty remaining that it could be quite horrible were a worst case scenario to happen, or even not worst case, but it could be bad if this paperwork doesn’t go through, yet, even then, wouldn’t I be where I was supposed to be? Couldn’t I make things work to my advantage again? Hells yeah I could! Because I can navigate even through stagnant flows. Right now, where you be? Where do you want to be? What makes your heart sing?

Wondering if I’d like to stick around to see my boys one last time, or if out west this fall would be a better time. Right now I feel I am presented with several lovely options for the next week or two. No matter where I go or what I decide, the trip back will be splendid.

Unfortunately, I am going to go to Wal-mart to buy more Space bags. It is so much easier than any of the alternatives…. I hate you Wal-mart, but idiots have made you convenient in last minute situations.


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