Strange Dreams

This morning I dreamed that it snowed in Mt. Shasta late in the season, but not enough to go skiing on, so I was kind of disappointed that I would have to wait several more months to go skiing. I was standing looking at the volcano and before my very eyes, the wind blew the snow away off the side I was looking at, so that only the glaciers remained. I was thinking, “Um it’s May. What is going on. It shouldn’t look like this until August.” The light was strange. It was dark, but not cloudy, not night.

Then I was in town or maybe in another town. It had the feeling of Roe Avenue down by the Root River in Racine, but it could’ve maybe been down by the Sacramento head waters. There were copperheads. I kept trying to get one wrapped around the handle of a shovel, so I could move it further away from the people that were gathered without killing it or getting bitten, but when I moved it, there was another snake to where I moved it to, and they started mating.

Snakes are a symbol of transcendence and we certainly saw a lot of them out in the field yesterday. I do however have the feeling that this was a deep, learning, lucid type dream. I won’t fill in all the details I remember, that would take forever, but…

Maybe something about connecting with the energy of my maternal grandfather to instability in weather patterns in Mt. Shasta, or that things can’t possibly go back to how they were before I left. Like I have integrated some southern energies, ancestor energies, transmuted parts of myself, completed another bridge in my transcendence.

I still have no idea what is really happening after I leave here. I have some bullshit bills to take care of. AT&T is still harassing me for a bill I paid in November. I need to get my auto insurance straightened out. I just wish it could wait until I get resettled in 3 weeks or so. I have not yet been officially rehired. “Well, we want you back, but I can’t make any guarantees at this point because your last appointment was never officially terminated. I’m 90% sure it will work out and I want your start date to be the 24th of May…” But… yeah… obviously they don’t want to convert me at a higher grade, but apparently it’s technically illegal to reconvert my appointment? So there’s some big HR mess to get taken care of. I don’t want to commit to housing until I know I have work there this season. I don’t want to deal with this other stuff until I know what my new address will be. Ah… the joys of homelessness!


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