Night Hike Totems

When the copperhead appears, our own sesnsitivity to others will increase. We will sense the auras of others, more easily and effectively.
When the copperhead appears as a messenger ot totem, the bring the message of standing one’s ground, even if based soley upon a feeling. And if need be, do not hesitate to strike in defense of oneself. In time, that feeling will prove itself out and standing your ground will be confirmed as having been the right thing to do.
All venomous snakes have lessons associated with healing and toxicity around us. They sometimes appear to awaken our own innate healing energies and abilities. They also appear to herald the need to cleanse and purify some area of our life. They reflect a change in the chemistry of our body or life situation-not necessarily for good or bad, but just a change.
One of the mysteries of the copperhead is that twice as many males are born as females. The male energy is associated with the electrical, assertive aspects of life. When the copperhead appears it is usually an indication we need to get more assertive and aggressive in our healing and other activities. When we see copperhead we should also take a look at the process of death and rebirth in some area of our life, particularly associated with healing.

Frogs are often associated, around the world, with water. They are said to be linked to the sky god (Zeus) and can bring the rains and thunder. Some cultures thought that if you killed a frog, you could be struck by lightning. They were also associated with the moon, with the underworld and wealth (Hades) and rebirth. They were linked to the Egyptian goddess Heket, who was frog headed. She was the goddess of childbirth and fertility and resurrection. They were associated with Aphrodite in Greece. In Native American lore, the frog was sometimes a water demon spirit who kept water away from the people until she was killed by a spear thrown by one hero or another and the water would return to the land.

The Tree Frog Totem will be a person that wears their heart on their sleeve so to speak. Every emotion and every thought will be plain for everyone to see. Even beyond that, these people will be indicators of how the populace at large is feeling and what they are thinking. They will have some sort of sixth sense style connection to the greater populace. As such, they will be a weathervane for popular opinion, etc. In essence they would be a marketers dream. In stark contrast to their connectedness, the Tree Frog Totem will be a relative loner. Perhaps it is because of his connectedness that he feels like he doesn’t need to stay in physical contact with others. In love, the Tree Frog Totem will be quite amorous and positive in the beginning but will become more aloof as time goes on. In business, the Tree Frog Totem would make for a good spokesman on issues he thinks are important, a good environmental leader, marketer, salesman, etc. The only downside of these is when he needs to have lasting long term working relationships with his coworkers or others. Careers like these should be avoided by the Tree Frog Totem at all costs.

Other teachers: barred owl, American toad, green tree snake. I couldn’t find anything about the green tree snake specifically. I hear barred owls a lot here, so that’s not that special, nor are the toads. I tend to see them on a regular basis as well. These two snakes however were right in my path and I’ve never encountered either of these in the wild. Perhaps I will think some more about snake mythology, or this could be just a lesson for tonight, energies to work with this week. I think the copperhead lesson is a very valuable one for me leaving the safety of the Cascades to come back to what at first felt like the deadworld/greyworld/ real world to me. It’s a very young forest, surrounded by a very sleepy collective, in great need of healing. The only place I’ve been to so far where I would even consider noding was a homesite near Modal, adjacent to a short leaf pine stand. There was still magic at the abandoned homesite. There are not many magical places here in Western Kentucky/West Tennessee. I was thinking about the ley line flux again this afternoon and what happened at the Art House. However, the Art House is soon to go the way of Das Haus, so… I’m looking for a new art house. I still have very strong feelings about St. Louis, in the vicinity of Scott Joplin’s old flat. There was another neighborhood I was in last fall as well, but I’m not sure what it’s called or how to reference it, although it wasn’t far from the Loop. I am still feeling strongly about the new art house being born next fall and St. Louis is resonating most strongly right now, even if I just want to go back west and stay back west, that energy is not the energy the art house needs and in order to have the greatest good, it needs to be more centrally located and in an urban transitional neighborhood.


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