Telepathy as Healing

I would like to run this idea past the Captain. I almost forgot about it by morning, but I was thinking of it last night. I was watching Children of Men with my neighbors after dinner. Around 10:30 or so, his face was in my head, like he was calling me. My phone doesn’t work here, and I didn’t call him when I was in Nashville yesterday because it was enough to deal with the rain, and would have been rude to my passenger and other people in the grocery and what not. Whatever, so no calling the Captain this week. I was thinking about what he said about Lisa, and what I said about Mt. Shasta. It’s like those closed-eye images are there as a telepathic gateway, but after last night I was thinking the purpose was not merely a selfish lust, but a telepathy for healing, for harmony. That is why I can’t get over not being there. I was greatly healed being in the Cascades. I made a new mirror, a new reflection of home there with the stargate opening. I am homesick, so homesick here. I love it there, inexplicably and irrationally just as I love my captain. And I miss Quinn so so much and can’t wait until I can settle down a little more and have an animal companion again. It’s a grey and raining day and I wish I had Quinn to come cuddle on my lap.

But the good things: granola, yogurt, coffee brewing in the French press, vitamins, Glen Hansard, and an entire day off at home.

Baby, I love you more than I think you realize. Wake up baby. We’ll have time together in fall, if it pleases you. It’s not that long. You’re going to have an amazing summer. I love you all so….

Sois sympathique, si vous plait.


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