Eau De Lindy Kick

… if you can’t get any enlightenment out of a situation, you might as well get some fun… ‘harsh realities’ were not the only realities… there were many different realities, and to a certain extent, with the proper focus of energy, one could choose which reality one wished to live. One might even outwit the harshest reality of all.

Oh haha! I love when it’s perfectly perfect! We are there, finally, finally, finally. I need to make some more new high vibratory like-minded friends. I’ve done pretty well with the making friends, but I need more friends who are here and GET IT, because I keep losing touch with those who got it before I got here, and the trees here just aren’t old enough to get it either. Lonesome road, bring my friends back home. Draw us together. Open our eyes and hearts. All my dear ones, kindreds from all these lifetimes, let’s meet up: at the first frontier, in Golden, in Apsen, in Sacramento, in Mt. Shasta, in Arcata, in Sky City, at the Enchanted Forest, at Star Bar, at Pike River, at the house on the hill by the river… Let’s meet up. Let’s celebrate. We did it! Yay!


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