Boundaries are fuzzy. Where do I begin? Why have I lost myself in this land? Where do I end? Why is joy so lost here?

I see profound and meaningful relationships and friendships falling away.

Inside my circle can only be the fearless, the courageous, the keepers and bringers of joy, of empowerment, of emergence, only those who see our intertwinement with nature as a self-evident truth and the restoration of true harmony as the utmost calling.

And Captain, your real world self is so disconnected from your higher self. Your higher self has still been speaking to and playing with me. Where did you go now?

But this is the lesson armadilla brings. Boundaries. Just know, you may be left behind and you may not get back in. Fine. Laughter, peace, and grace are mine.

Also today were again great blue heron and turkey vulture and butterfly.

In Buddhism the Golden Purifier is COMPASSION, Karuna in Sanskrit. Compassion works for us in allowing us to perceive the pain, anguish, affliction, agony, torment and distress of others clearly, through allowing it into our experience also. It is then something that has moved further out of the realm of the ignored or the unconscious into the realm of the included, the accepted, the conscious. Compassion is spacious, allowing the way things are to exist, to change, and to end. Particularly it allows pain to end. This means that it must be patient, not in any hurry to force pain to end or to try officiously to get rid of pain. It is the active side of wisdom and is the Buddha’s supreme or GOLDEN PURIFIER. The Buddha’s compassion allowed him to realize that there is still something that can be done by a fully Enlightened being.


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  1. souldiaries said,

    May 1, 2010 at 1:09 PM

    Thank You with Love

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