Oak Savanna

You want to know

How it will be

Me and him

Or you and me

When are we ever ever gonna get to that place where love is free? Abundance will be, if you just believe.

I remember when we started the fen restoration. Now this open oak lands project has already been begun and I was out today doing some legwork to get the next step underway. I’m standing there trying to envision the oak savanna on the landscape, my will willing it forth. As I go through my days flustered, trying not to worry about the bad things, pushing the fear that is constantly shoved your way, these are the moments for which I was destined.

Yesterday butterfly was my teacher: metamorphosis and transformation. Today two butterflies were dancing together.

Big changes are coming ducklings.

It’s written on the wind.

It’s everywhere I go.

Captain, don’t let me forget. Deep down, deep, deep down is the spring of my love for you. Truly, you are my sunshine, my powerhouse factory to photosynthesize love, love, love until it is overflowing and pouring over my banks and I cannot help but enter that state of grace in which it multiplies even more. On the level, for real, we keep losing each other. When separated, remember to return and meet up at base camp. Let’s meet at council tonight for a post lemon chiffon beltaine moon debriefing. The lion’s gate portal is going to be tremendous this year. I’m still homesick. Trying to exist in both worlds simultaneously is wearing on me. Sometimes I think I need to transmute this place permanently as well. What is the key to unlock that one Captain?

Joe told me it snowed at home, so that makes me less homesick. I close my eyes and I see Soda Creek Ridge burned in my mind and the spring waters rushing, rushing. Surely I’m not here just because I missed thunderstorms.

You say, “Be careful what you wish Little One.” Just let me love you. Let me know that you appreciate me loving you. I forget Captain. I think you are finished with this. I won’t give up. I know, but I forget.


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