Lemon Chiffon Beltain Moon

Thanks to the perception of beauty or the beauty of perception what is white light to everyone else was coming through my filters (the naiad is still hiding inside this protective jelly) as lemon chiffon. And lemon chiffon just sounds delightful. Then there was the AMAZING dip I made on the fly tonight. OMG! I’ve never tasted anything like it! So YUM! I’ll post a recipe later, maybe.

Disturbing barn owls’ morning slumber and currently humming and thrumming with photon upgrades. Rockies, get ready. I’m coming in fall of 2010, exactly, perfectly on schedule. I’ve even got a place to stay in Denver now with a friend of a friend. So work or no work, I’m still ready to get ready to focus of getting nordic track level 1 certification and improving my snowboarding skills. After 5 seasonal job offers, I think I’m pretty much guaranteed employment half the year.

The forest nymph is having to take a back facet in the damaged KY forests where people come before trees, but the pine wireless lets me keep in touch with my new home, so it’s good. There’s more biodiversity here, but green briar and ticks are on my kill list with yellow jackets and Canada geese. These folks aren’t coming to my 5th world. I guess green briar can stay, as long as it stays out of my way. I mean, for all of these things, exist if you must, but stay out of my awareness. Thank god it was too cold for ticks today. I dreamed about this horrid tangle of saplings, so we’re on track. When I do my walk-over surveys I’m sure to have deja vu again. Short needle pine interspersed with machete worthy sapling growth. What fun I have to look forward too!



  1. April 28, 2010 at 4:23 AM

    Your life sounds interestingly scary, ticks ick. there might be a reason tick is spelled that way. Not sure what green briar is but good luck avoiding.

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