Dopeness versus Wackedness

I have recently returned from my extended weekend. The drive was not as profound as some of the drives in West Central Illinois. I am getting bored with my music. The 5 days were full of dopeass happenins. I would list the upsetting things, but they seem small in comparison to the dopeness. I wish some days I could better explain this thing that is happening, the living past dreams, and even when it doesn’t seem like a moment from a past dream, there’s this energetic quality about it all that feels so deliciously perfect. “Perfect” came up this weekend, being there for Fortune’s surprise b-day party, James Amato being there, just the right dress, the right accessories, the right timing, the right weather, the right light… Right on! Right on target.

Projection perfection recollection of this reflection failing rejection this astounding resurrection has ceased to defy detection but requires selection of parsimonious elements to avoid dissection! Cooperate, recuperate, never hesitate to co-create!

having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be

It’s that energetic harmonic of the completeness, all of the desirable elements present, more than you could hope, all of what you dreamed, and sometimes then some. Even when the old dead world attempts to encroach upon this unparalleled sequence, it’s like a ghost story, that you barely believe, and forget absolutely when the light of the sun’s rays touches your eye lids. I can taste it. I can feel it. I surrender myself to become one with it.

How you do please me in your acceptance of my gifts! You make me want to think up more fantastic things to share with you, or is it remembering the past dreams of my current future?


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