Life is Beautiful

The early April spring warmth caresses and coaxes blossoms and buds to open. The floral scent is carried on the breeze, languid with future promise. Abundance is a taste on the air. If faith can only endure. The increasing velocity accelerates beyond the increasing sunlight, caught in a whirlwind of growth, an explosion of green, new ways of observation and analysis, I struggle to maintain my being and keep from being swept away in the tornadic winds.

the only thing to do is truly go with the flow.  No more thinking, no more plotting, no more planning, only living in the moment, breath by breath.  It is the only way to walk into our destined miracles. ~Navajo~

Do not be overwhelmed. Be grateful that we are unsticking the stickiness. Wobble wobble.

UPDATE: And lo and behold, there was a tornado warning Saturday (4/24) in Jackson when we went out from the farm to run and chase. haha!


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