Baby, I’m so in love with you. As I feel everything accelerate around me, time become meaningless, and I witness myself as the master of my destiny, you are at once my ground and my spaceship. You are my mirror and my sounding board. I am profoundly grateful for the forever moments you brought last week. When that taste on the back of your tongue, that tune you can’t quite recall, the intoxication of dogwood blossoms comes forth into being; it’s like the gift of a moonlit moth at your windowpane. I wish you could know how it feels to want to kneel before you, to just bathe in your radiance, to feel thus drawn to your presence and be in peace. If I could share a modicum of this serenity with you, how complete I would be, have been, am in this moment! Amazing!

I love you tonight, song of my heart,

in the dark, moonless sky,

whisper lullabies

through the oak wireless,

keep me close,

bless the both of us

and radiate out to all we love,

we’ll shine like stars,

from above.

By being strong, bright, and warm, every moth in town will be attracted to you.

May I strive to be the flame, not only the moth. Thanks for sharing your light.


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