The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Weed is like pussy, you never know how good it is until you hit it.

Since ancient times, mushrooms have been perceived as magical. Mycophagist: one that is fungivorous (feeds on fungi, especially mushrooms). Experimental springtime strawberry tulip blossoms. The nation, last spring, in an attempt to focus the spotlight on pollution, staged Earth Day. Plant a crop, Ceres, goddess of grain. Cerealia was celebrated each April to honor the growth of lustrous petals bursting forth allergies till your name appears as the shade of anybody’s mountains. The U. S. Forest Service closed the land. Tranquility Base Saloon: a frontier village, to assure the proper maturation of goat’s milk into cheese. Cherokee National Forest on the North Carolina – Tennessee state line fire suppression activities of natural grasses and wild herbs are shrouded in mystery in Asheville, North Carolina, center of the universe. Pure civilization, our whimsical home in the sky. Appalachians in deep forests are sweet memories radiant with charm. Tantamount harmonious herbaceousness produced in California. Magic Mountain machine i restored and being loose is a virtue to wonder who might have been the first to experiment. Hunter/gather heads to the woods looking for gently bending, fuzzy stems, ferns, and wildflowers or any objects growing low out of the moss. Bourbon itself derived from the ancient Aramaic language. Kentucky’s famed Bourbon Line, an authentic Texas smokehouse, you’d go to California. It presents the most interesting texture on your tongue – you can really feel the spoon flight boost your energy and elicit lip-licking lusciousness, the power to guide the soul to the gods. Now that’s a smile-provoking activity. Mesmerizing. No wonder the world is full of mycophagists. Earth, as we understand Chicago, Illinois arrives magnificently, scenic, suggestive, creamy pleasure. Earthy sweetness, because we like to keep the smiles coming. Not that kind of mushroom. Garlic… the end.


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