Time Warp in Nashville

I parked the car and removed the faceplate to my stereo. We preceded to attempt to get sushi, 2:35 p.m. according to my cell, and not get Mexican because of the posers chilling on the patio with matching sunglasses. I was presenting Arizona rough, up all night, driving, rain soaked/sun dried oily hair. Not happening. No sir. Back to the car. Follow a comedy tour bus to 2nd or 3rd street. Find the strip. Find a parking spot. Meander to an unremarkable Mexican restaurant. Eat dinner. Use the facilities. Walk back to car. Drive toward Vanderbilt. Discover Trader Joe’s is where Whole Foods used to be. Walk across street to see if there is anyway that I can get my hair cut at Secret Salon. Find out the Whole Foods has moved further down the street. Go to Trader Joe’s. Load cold food in the cooler. Touch LCD on stereo faceplate, which has been funkified since I replaced it. My touch returns it to functionality. Discover that it is only 4:44 p.m. FTW? Wow.

Easter Sunday remembering that I had a weird dream about the Whole Foods in Nashville a couple of years ago, but not understanding it or that it was the Whole Foods in Nashville until that moment.

“Holy shit!”

“What’s wrong? Did you see a big spider or something?”

I burst into laughter of de j’ai vu.


“Because that’s exactly what the person in my dream asked when I tried to explain about the weird fake village that Whole Foods was in.”

Lost in translation. Cheery cherry blossom. Passionate pear, pervasive plum. Absolute apple. Robust red bud. Little leaves coalesce into green clouds and the breeze carries pink snow ever so gently to the ground. Oh! It’s all or nothing baby. Gotta be all in.

Everything’s all right when you’re living in the light.

Jumping off a cliff. Having faith. I’m a fall guy.

The space between the sub-atomic particles. Oh and the laughter.


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