Growing Starseeds

I want to GROW!

Take that to mean whatever you like. I desire it on so many levels, so many layered meanings. I think today will be about slipping into that new love level. The cotyledon is breaking through the testa.

When we can move away from woundedness and trauma and lack, we begin to open to the truth of our existence which is that we are provided for and cared for in Universal Love, if we could only move away from the dramas of lack and trauma and perceive the Love!

In the New Earth energy, as Awakened beings we know that we live in this moment, and that we have Choice in this moment as to how we will think and behave and what we will do. We cannot give over responsibility for our actions to some event that happened in an illusionary past. The mind enjoys that, it allows us to deflect responsibility and avoid the responsibility of Choice. And indeed, being Awakened and being Conscious means that we are Responsible for our Choices at every moment, and that we have the capacity to make new choices at every moment. If we fail to make choices then we enter into inertia and stagnation, and we do fall out of the Flow of Cosmic Grace. Choices are the actions that we take in order to allow the Flow of Love to manifest our desires and needs. They are like direction signals for the Divine to show how and what we desire in life. Choices are Love and Life in action.

If there is any great shift and change in our Being and the way in which we live, as we come to Conscious Awakening, it is the understanding that we live in a Collective Dream that is created by all of us on many levels. We are not “in control” and the more we release the need to control and manipulate, and the more we learn to make choices within that Collective Reality, the more easily we can Align with the Flow of Divine Abundance and Love and Peace that is always there. When we can feel that Flow of Love, then we can easily make Choices that ensure that we align with that Flow and can Create and Draw on the Energy of Divine Love.

The release of control does not mean that we accept that we will spin into chaos and lack. Quite the opposite. Once we relinquish the need to control from the limited perception of the mind, and move into an Acceptance of the ultimate Good and Benevolence of All Life, we move into the vibration and frequency of Harmony and Balance, of Divine Will and Order, of the Light Codes of Divine Power that shape the Flow of Abundance into Blessings and Grace. And the more choices are offered to us as conduits for these Divine Blessings of Love!

But the key here really is the ability to just “give up” and to surrender and accept that at times we need to allow periods of readjustment and realignment.


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