808 and blueberries at Will Flora

808 and blueberries again today, also re-enacting a dream from last summer setting up a portable toilet at Will Flora. I was wondering about that strange dream, and so it happened. Now I am BEAT, wishing I had a wife to cook me dinner and give me a massage when I got home from work, but glad for beer and chilling listening to Eric Mire Band. Still missing my bed and Teagan and Quinn, missing Cali, and a bit overwhelmed with Kentucky/Tennessee. Thursday is not looking so good weatherwise. Time seems to be speeding by. I’ve been wondering about Wyoming and Colorado. I think I am going back to Redding or Mt. Shasta if that doesn’t work out rather than going back to Milwaukee. My soul is more at peace there, in spite of the lack of homey type things.

I have to deal with car insurance and money shit this week. Car insurance is a tricky thing when you are a gypsy and don’t know where you will be in 2 months or a year. UGH! But grateful that I should have the fundage to address these nightmares.

Wishing I had phone service for good night conversations while wishing for simpler times. What a contradiction I can be.


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