The Beauty of Losing Cohesion

The give-away teaches us to release, without attachment, our greatest possessions and it teaches us above all else, that the earth is eternally fertile and all our needs will be provided for again and again through the community.  Whenever one feels lack, of anything, Spirit counsels giving away a valued possession.  Are you in need of health?  Give-away!  Are you in need of love?  Give-away!  Are you in need of money?  Give-away!  Through the eternal spiritual laws of energy and return, all ones needs will be met.

From Navajo’s Blog.

Who doesn’t love presents? The more you give away, the more you will have to be grateful for! 😉 This is what the abundance paradigm is all about. Sometimes it’s hard to be brave and do this, so start with baby steps. It is very liberating once you get further along.

One thing about right now is my inability to see the future. Everything can change completely in a moment. It is with a glad heart I anticipate the future. Non-attachment allows a greater possibility of outcomes to manifest. 🙂

I have about a million other things I want to share and a million things I want to do, but right now, I think it’s time to eat.


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