Last Night in Mt. Shasta, Sky City, A Love Supreme, The Last Mimsy, etc.

Where to start… I think maybe I figured out the machine elves, but there was no saliva. I can’t translate at all. It requires telepathy. I mean there were no hallucinogens involved, to my knowledge and it’s not so much I figured them out, but rather experienced them first hand. So it seems in leaving Mt. Shasta and am commissioned with this mission to take some sort of sacred geometric ether thing and like stake down portals of this web in different geographies. Driving through New Mexico yesterday I am pretty sure one of those places is supposed to be Sky City. I was/am really having trouble understanding why I am not in New Mexico. It doesn’t feel like ‘home’ but it feels like love, like my spirit is in love with this geography. The belonging and potential feels more potent than Mt. Shasta. If I am the key or the map, then very near sky city is the lock. Mt. Shasta may be a galactic portal and a Federation stronghold and all ready shifted to our new earth, but there is something that feels more ancient and more specific in northern New Mexico. Like… even if I complete… well, the drive was so draining that I either got distracted or fell asleep, but I am sure I will figure this out further when the time comes. Hard to believe it’s barely been more than two weeks since I left, and Fidel is right, I am happier here even if I am homesick for Nor’Cali. I am still frustrated, but the frustrations have a shifted focus. I am still attempting to fully sync to the energies here. It’s getting close, but not yet perfected. I am having issues converting the treated water after drinking pure water for so long. I am asking for help with this. There seems to be a current obsession with oxen. I feel like I need to remember something from the Minoans, even though this was before I was dreamed, my creator and my angel taught me about them when I first came to Spain. I also feel I am searching for something from the days when the frontier was further east, before the Trail of Tears, something from my earth lineage past, what we tried to do hundreds of years ago, but mostly failed, maybe we have a chance to do again. Right now I am not finding any trees old enough to tell me the story, so I am going to need a different approach. I think this is why I need to go to the caves, because the minerals might have imprinted the story. I am not so good at reading geology as I am at plant speak. Another way might be to find a place where an event happened and when the light mimics the light of the event receive a transmission.

A smile is something everybody everywhere says in the same language. Start practicing now.


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