Guiding Light

Now I know why everything else feels wrong somehow. That wishing you could love someone, because it would be convenient versus knowing in all of your being 100% that love is so uncontainable that it is spilling out of every pore. I wonder about the original draw. Was it destiny? Did I create this? Did we create this? Sitting face-to-face I could sense higher dimensions of ourselves magnetized toward each other. We are drawn to each other. We love, create, protect, project.

Next week we re-write the Daphne and Apollo story. I can’t wait. It’s like, the old archetypes have been crumbling for some time. What we will be doing is living, solidifying the new dream in the collective conscious for the energies that are the core of what these ancient archetypes were built around. I think the new forms will be more fluid, at least for some time to come. We will just be running a sort of test drive. If there is anything you wanted this story to become, our story, think about it this week.

Hopefully he will bring me some white sage, or maybe I can find some sweetgrass here. I feel I need to smell those things. I feel like these energies are all about to explode. The strange and lonely winter, the highlight of which was the massive snow storm, is breaking forth into something so miraculous I have no idea what to expect, except that it will exceed my expectations.

Ok. I lost it now.

He remembered the maps, at least he remembered to ask me about the maps. I think I will order the real maps for Mt. Shasta and Pike River, so that we can work with them this summer. Last night I was ‘told’ that I need to go to the Marble Mountains and to Sky City. Those are the next gateways to ground. I still don’t feel right that I am just here for work and my rainbow warrior. We are supposed to do some work in northern Colorado this fall and St. Louis, I think. I love, adore the lack of interference. The interference has been continually decreasing since my angel and I set up the transmission towers outside of Fenton. To all who heeded the beacon, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! from the bottom of our heart of hearts, you are so appreciated and loved for helping us. Do not doubt that you have. You have helped so immensely.

Oh, yes, so my rainbow warrior is a devic shiva dance being. He is so utterly amazing. I am so glad, happy, grateful, amazed, and joyous that he is challenging me to work at higher levels, to have a teacher again. And yet I am a teacher too. He wants to learn more about my world, the maps, the sound keys, the gateways and portals, the creed of guardians and keepers. I am glad to not need to be a bringer right now. Now I can focus on grounding and re-keying the gateways. I don’t know about here though, after I do some mountain biking and time travel, I think maybe I need to explore some caves. If there is a geography to key the gateways into here, it must be in the caves. Getting pushed off the cloud and drug into the lava tube caves, while it hurt a lot at the time, makes more sense now.

Isn’t it wonderful!?!

If you, if you, if you feel the same.

The same.

For real at last.

It’s no game.

A miracle, your love,

Metaphysical, magical, utterly divine.

Oh, the twinkle in your eyes,

The laughter there does not belie,

When you recognize

I do do do sincerely do

Love you, strong, wild and true.

You fascinate me through and through and I want to get into you. Baby, baby, baby.

What makes ya high

What makes ya low

What makes ya come and

What makes ya go

What makes you smile

And what makes you cry

I’d like to know all the reasons why.


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