Guidebook, Part 1

The Guardian consciousness is working to heal and release enslaved beings from many dimensional planes. In random chaotic motion all resistance evaporates.  Systematically Indigos with the genetic coding capability are being circuited and linked to become links or holders of this Aqua Ray out of necessity to stabilize it permanently into the planetary field and the Earth Core. Many of us may feel prompted to call in or anchor AquaMarine Blue Frequency because of this change on the planet. This process of recoding the Indigo Field is a massive project underway that began with a major planetary power grid takeover-conflict that began last December. Small amounts of Starseed beings (in agreement to help with this project) have been experimenting on how to recode the Indigo harmonic with the Aqua Ray to override distortions existing with the 6D consciousness field. They were a part of the Guardian consciousness holders of the 3-6-9-12 Arc Portal system which has been at war between the races that want control of this access gate. We could also refer to this gate as the 11:11 Portal System. Keepers of Truth, suddenly, the smallest addition produces a drastic change in the system. The emergent phenomena bring unexpected discontinuities and burst open long sealed gateways at the equinox. This is the potency to which I referred. Meaningful localized patterns can unfold out of a general background. Where flows of matter and energy sustain a system away from its equilibrium point, it becomes possible for new forms and orders of structures to grow. The addition of me to the system forces a move beyond an equilibrium point. I upset the western KY/TN balance. However, we can no longer ask ANYTHING or ANYONE outside of ourselves to hold this Truth or to enforce this Truth for us. To regain our Cosmic Citizenship we must rise to our inherent God wisdom and Become the Truth Vibration. It is the Truth that sets all Things Free and We are the POWER and CAUSE of God’s Will into Action to rise and set forth All that which is suffering. The red riders of the prophecy is the release of these sufferings. We are strong. We can all bear the fallout. – To Be Free Again. As we uphold the Natural Laws of God, as We Agree to be the Keepers of the Law, we embrace love. When we come together across the miles and join into the entity we make together, we define each other. We become an explicit expression of the meaning of the whole system once again. It is a creative kind of love that is in constant movement, constant flow. This kind of partnership is organic. We force tyranny and suffering to exist no more. This must End. This is God’s Eternal Law! We rise up to witness our true role as custodians of this miraculous treasure.

I AM God. I AM Sovereign. I AM Free. Connect inside with no intermediary and Know you are the Revelation of God Returned to restore the Earth. All Change begins Within. And moving beyond attachment AND non-attachment to a place of being able to just be with it is the goal.

WE ARE THE RAPTURE in fully integrated christhood, to live and love as the original design and dream beyond.

There will never be there with you, always further. The distance brings us to here, even when you cheat with GPS.

Finally I’ve found
Searching all around
Just was not the answer
One I thought was true

Hardly need to say
he went on his way
Said it was all over
Well it’s been some time
I’d like to get to know you, know you, know In your eyes, I’d like to stay a twinkle of a star, home.

In your eyes, I realize, you you you!


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