An End

I envision an end to money, finance, profits, banks, loans, politics, hierarchies, enslavement, brainwashing, and ignorance. Here we freely give with the greatest generosity of our hearts because we are happy and have all that we need or desire. We do not want falsely or at the expensive of our brother. As we are kind, generous, creative, innovative, and balanced. All is in harmony. There is abundance for EACH ONE. Being in awareness the attainment of our heart’s desire is in perfect accordance with EACH ONE’s seeking their heart’s desire. Synchronous with the divine dreams of increasingly beautiful and complex patterns of expression of light and love.

I keep reiterating the same works and words over and over. I am a song that repeats, a favorite, worn record.

For those who listen, who dance, who share, who laugh, who glow, who smile, who strive, who care, who create: my unending grace.

But now how do we dance around the sleepers? The ones throwing plastic and cardboard in the trash out of laziness? The ones justifying Tyson chicken farms and declaring that factory eggs taste just the same as free range eggs? Separation is not the answer. Peace alone will not solve the problem. We must project this love and awareness to our slumbering kin.

Come, dance with me. Let us plant emergence this spring. We have spent time deep within ourselves this winter, deep within the caves, in dark, in solitude, reflecting and integrating the higher frequencies, the body vibrations that came from the stargate, latent in my birth, my own emergence. Let us breathe the breath of spring. Let us love. Let us abandon fear and give more than we knew we possessed. Let us awaken them, emerge new patterns in this new energy, and dream fantastically a world beautiful, free, wild, and harmonious beyond our our current ability to conceive. The further we can push, the further we shall go. BE, with me, and witness.


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