Last Frontier Days, part 2

The land would belong to those who used it. The escalation of mass production and concentration of populations in urban areas would be halted, for who would work in their factories and buy their products when he could live from the fields and the sea and the lakes and the rivers, in areas of unbelievable plenty? And living from the land, he would be motivated to preserve its resources. Communes are commonly subject to state and federal law and frequently harassed by the local inhabitants. There is simply no room left for “freedom from the tyranny of the government” since city dwellers depend on government for food, power, water, transportation, protection, and welfare. Your right to live where you want, with companions of your choosing, under laws to which you agree has been paralyzed by the sleeping masses, who seek comfort and security above the liberty of true living. Yet, this window of opportunity is again upon us with the awakening of mass consciousness. We see the dream is still alive. This is in the tide of turning miracles and disasters. It is a chaos system of emergent phenomena. The blade dance composes the tone and nature of these events. Miracle or disaster? The choice is in your dreams if you are brave enough to take responsibility for your creations.

The Ancient Ones: to Lord of the Future, who rides on a whispering south wind; to Kuthulu, the Sleeping Serpent who cannot be summoned; to the Corn Maiden; to Shiva and Kali; to the devic beings and elementals who weave the web of nature…

We are witnessing a virus of biological mutation. This agent affected biologic alterations, fatal in many cases, permanent and hereditary in the survivors, who became carriers of the strain. The condition was passed on to their descendents by techniques of artificial insemination which were, to say the least, highly developed. In fact, how some of these mutant pregnancies were contracted is unknown to modern science. Immaculate or at least viral conception was pandemic, and may have given rise to legends of demon lovers, the succubi and incubi of medieval folklore. Therefore, we are going to sit here in the sunshine and acoustically heal these mutations until we return to our original star lineage, which is, by the way, continuously mutating along a different road.

The virus, acting directly on neural centers, brought about sexual frenzies that facilitated its communication.

He had September 17. Nadeanna had the portent of August 18.

“We are of speaking more or less virgin genetic material of high quality. However, I question the wisdom of introducing the virus into contemporary America and Europe. Even though it might quiet the uh silent majority, who are admittedly becoming uh awkward, we must consider the biologic consequences of exploring genetic material already damaged beyond repair to such an agent, leaving a wake of unimaginably unfavorable mutations all ravenously perpetuating their kind.”

The combination of the ancient Draconian lineage with the complex tetra string strand DNA of the Emerald offspring was originally created to destroy the fallen Elohim and subvert the Annunaki. It presented greater aesthetic potentials than the original 12-strand DNA of the star children. However this seemingly simplified version requires a process of self-creative mastery to emerge forms from chaos. It cannot be controlled by the WORD virus.

Nadeanna: “I propose to remove the temporal limits, shifting our experimental theater into past time in order to circumvent the whole tedious problem. You may well ask if we can be certain of containing the virus in past time. The simple answer is that we do not have sufficient data to speak with certainty. Even Federation members can be faulted for failure to closely examine the relevant evidence. Owing to the grave dangers inherent in large-scale experimentation, our data is incomplete.”

Aleister Crowley.

The Captain leaned back in his chair. He extracted a joint from his shirt pocket. The Captain lit the joint and blew smoke towards the ceiling, seemingly oblivious of disapproving looks from the board members. He took a long drag and blew smoke across his notes.

“Cosmic radiation? Or sentient being-controlled radiation?” the Captain asked. “This is a critical distinction in our data analysis.”

The Dr. replies, “The form of radiation emanating from the red light is unknown at this time.”

“Is this the photon belt dreamed into existence by the lightworker collective?” asked the Captain.

“Captain, are you then ignorant of the nature of this wondrous radiation, or as to how it could be reproduced in the laboratory? Really? You are unaware of the original solution the Guardian Alliance had asked for?” Nadeanna questioned.

“Where did this Keltonic shit come from anyway?” he asked.

“Well,” Nadeanna mused (the muse of all muses), “Of course, they wished to distract me with all of the angelic channels and Keltonic hoodoo, but I was determined to find a more parsimonious explanation that accounted for all the evidence. And you have to remember Captain; absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Difficult when the interdimensional presence of my most recent teacher keeps me vibrating with meldfuck.” She arches her eyebrow at the Captain. “It would seem the best remedy would be to actually fuck to reset the balance and move on to more pressing work. However, as you may have noticed, the collective seems to keep aligning their manifestations to make this impossible. Isolation has buffered these attacks, but then communion between the beloveds was weakened as well. It’s a choice you have to make. Due to the depth of these ‘entanglements’ I have prepared myself for the time when you will choose. I may be held at fault for already assuming your choice of me will be ‘no’. I can read in your energy that the chaos, the uncertainty is too much for you to bear at this point. Already you are calling out for home and a ‘normal, ordinary’ life. This is why I have questioned any further advances or flirtations you have presented. Of course I desire them, but I find the sincerity behind them lacking. One thing I hate more than anything is a liar. Maybe it is because I am not capable of lying. Even a simple everyday lie, like claiming I am sick to avoid a trip or an appointment, rings so hollow, even over the phone, that I will not buy it. I know, you were just being nice, friendly. I have not truly captivated your fancy Captain. I shall bow out gracefully. My other belongs to another. We knew it would be a lonesome road. Perhaps someday I will be back on the frontier and the Golden Dreamer with Tourmaline eyes will remember. Don’t forget.”

The Golden Dreamer whispers…

Light the fuse in my pistol grip, pierce the shadows of darkness abound. Shut your eyes and breathe it in. Survive the night for a loser’s win.

Haha! The muse stirs again. Hope returns with movement. There is joy, grace and amazement that the light lives and speaks through another.

“But perhaps…. Such a simple and inexpensive experiment…we could start with the herpes simplex.”

“I fail to see any useful purpose, “ the Dr. started.

The Captain glanced around the table. Stony faces looked back at him. He was concealing something and they all knew it, even the worthless Dr.

The first goal had been to mutate the DNA to be non-responsive to this and other sexually transmitted viruses in the human population. The symptoms of a virus are the attempts of the body to deal with a virus attack. By their symptoms you will know the virus. Even a totally unknown virus would yield considerable data through the observation of its symptoms. On the other hand, were a virus to produce no symptoms; then we have no way of knowing that it exists. The virus in question may have been latent or it may have been living in benign symbiosis with the host.

“That is, of course, possible,” admitted the Dr.



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