Failed Perfection

I found a mistake in the bibliography of my thesis. +sigh+ Andrén, Anders should be Anders, Andrén. Of course, only I would notice this, almost two years later. +sigh+

Yesterday I went to Mossbrae Falls and Hedge Creek Falls. This afternoon it was raining, so I stayed in. There is this captivating article of Western Great Lakes Removal era Potawatomi in the current American Antiquity that hooked me on Thursday. Today I have decided to return to typing up research notes while watching the Olympics. The Nordic is all that skate skiing stuff. I am disappointed. It’s pretty different, more like rollerblading than, what, skiing? You don’t keep the skis parallel. Diagonal stride? With the old-fashioned track style, you don’t go as fast, but you can handle any snow conditions, although 4+ feet of wet snow really sucked and was slow. The skis I have this year are shorter and wider for the wet snow, but I think they really help provide stability in turning while going downhill. It’s all way too complicated for me. I wish he had an elliptical here. If I had a permanent job and was going to rent this house until I could buy it, I would definitely be trying to acquire one.

Someday I will again have a gym membership. Someday I will consistently motivate to cross-train seriously. Who would have ever, ever thought when I was a kid, I would become athletic? It wasn’t until I was in middle school I showed any interest in anything. Then when I was 13 or 14, it completely changed. I played volley ball in 7th grade. I started playing softball, baseball, and basketball outside of school. I started mountain biking in high school with my boyfriend at the time and bought my own mountain bike. Then I was roller blading and weight lifting, hiking, ice skating, playing hokey, running. Then I injured my knee and quit running. Then I started skiing.

But God do I eat a lot! Maybe I have exercise anorexia, because the more I eat, the more I feel I need to be active, the hungrier I get. But I definitely have more body fat than at this time last year. I think I am somewhere in the ideal window of 20-25%.

Anyhow, more about the waterfalls and Potawatomi soon.



  1. Meredith said,

    February 15, 2010 at 7:34 PM

    I read an article recently about nutrition, exercise, and weight loss that said when people exercise, they tend to eat more. Which could be one reason (of many) some people don’t lose weight. Or why you’re hungrier.

    I’ve seen your head shot on your LJ and I don’t think you need to lose weight at all. You’re body fat percentage is fine. Under 25% (from my POV) is too low. Depends on your age, though.

    I found mistakes in my thesis after the fact, too.

  2. nadeanna said,

    February 15, 2010 at 11:58 PM

    In my LJ head shot I was probably nearing too skinny. A few months after that shot I couldn’t afford to feed myself 3 people’s worth of food a day and I was skiing all the time. I probably dropped below 20% from February to April last year. My menstrual cycle was getting all crazy. I think I lost weight from not having time to eat enough on the Illinois projects and then not being able to afford to get 5,000+ calories a day. Luckily some of the weight I gained since moving to Cali is muscle, but it is hard to remember sometimes to not eat so much on days when I am not doing anything.

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