Genuine & Authentic

  1. Genuineness: Having the ability to be real, authentic and honest is unique in a world where we put so much emphasis on the superficial.  Feeling comfortable in one’s skin and being true to one’s self is one of the most beautiful traits one can possess.  To have a REAL relationship with someone requires honesty…it requires hearing and giving input or feedback that may not always be popular…it means having the strength to tell it like it is and to not be afraid to face the consequences for doing so…it means loving people for who they really are…deep down…and not for what they appear to be. ~Brett Blumenthal~

This is also my definition of integrity. If Tiger Woods wanted to pork everything with two legs and lovely lady lumps, the simple solution would have just been to be honest about it, thereby making himself an even bigger man, full of genuine authenticity and integrity.

This folks, is why I have no friends here. I believe the only genuine people in Siskiyou County are people transplanted here from other parts of the country who moved here for better pay and better play. The “natives” of EuroAmerican descent are the fakiest fakers that ever faked. They’re so fake they don’t even know who they are anymore. I think this is also true of the hippie weirdos that moved here to seek enlightenment or because the Bay and Portland bit off a chunk and spit them out, but here I go again being intolerant. There will be no half-steppin’ on my train ride, thanks.

Let’s get REAL: radical expansive ascended living.

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