I’ve decided that skiing while it is snowing here sounds majorly un-fun. The snow here is super wet. I will get wet. It’s only 30 degrees up on the mountain. Actually, if it were 20 degrees and snowing I’d be like, “ok, I can handle this.” Skiing here compared to Wisconsin sucks. I feel guilty because I’ve only gone 3 times this season and there’s only two months left. I guess I was spoiled last winter. I thought that I’d be going everyday I didn’t work. I am seriously considering wintering in Colorado next year. I want to find someplace that will hire me as a Nordic instructor and then get level 1 certified. I just don’t get it. Skiing was my favorite thing last winter. Now I’m like, sigh, so much effort. Like this snow, we wouldn’t even ski on in Wisconsin. On days where it’s above 25, we’re like, “Gonna be some sucky skiing today.” Snowcone snow. Slushy snow. There’s no glide. It’s all stick, even with wax designed for melty snow. Sigh. I am thinking about taking snowbaording lessons this week at some point. If only I could find boots, I have a board and bindings Joe will let me borrow, then I could go on my own. It’s only $18 for night lift tickets.

I’m just frustrated at my lack of motivation. I will probably go for a walk later. It’s really nice out now. I will probably go ice skating tonight if it stays dry, but I feel like I should go ice skating on Fridays so I can take adult figure skating lessons. Meh! Skiing and ice skating have flip-flopped for me. Now I find ice skating to be more fun and the ring is closer to my house, where last year I just skied at work and it was an ordeal to get to the Petit. Skiing involves putting my skis in the car, driving up the mountain, getting wet. I shouldn’t complain. The skis are easier to get in the car than my bike. I really need a truck or something.


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