I dreamed that Rogan’s was having a tent sale and I took boxes of all the women’s shoes in my size to try on. All the trail runners and hiking shoes were too small. I found a black pair of loafers with a chunky two inch heel that fit, but I thought they were kind of ugly, so I didn’t know if they were worth getting. I was thinking that I could wear them when I needed slip-ons with jeans, because the jeans would cover the ugly part of the shoe. Then I found some cute heals but they were like other shoes I had in Wisconsin and they started getting mixed up with the shoes I already owned. Then I was having trouble finding the pair I wanted to buy. I wanted to ask Fidel and my sister what they thought of the loafers. I also wanted to check out the men’s shoes to see if I could find a new pair of trail runners, but my sister was hassling me that it was time to go.

Because we put on shoes as we prepare to leave our homes, shoes in dreams are symbols of the “direction we are headed” in our lives. New shoes indicate a new status; we are headed in a new direction. Worn shoes reflect feelings that one has expended a great deal of time and effort on an endeavor, and may reflect feelings of exhaustion or depression. Wearing two different shoes indicates being pulled in two directions. High heels are associated with sexuality.

Whatever that is supposed to mean. I am headed in a new direction of ugly heeled black penny loafers and I’ve expended expended energy and effort in my current endeavors and am exhausted and depressed. I think sexuality is attractive, but I’ve already got that, just not here now, and I don’t want to spend the resources to duplicate it right at this moment?

Also at some point in this dream before or after the shoe thing. Joe was getting ready to go somewhere. When he was all ready he told me he was going on a date. I had this quizzical look on my face. He was like, “I’m just sick of dealing with this bullshit and waiting. Maybe there’s something better out there.” I was like, “Good luck,” and thinking, “I knew things weren’t all sunshine and roses with the girlfriend. Where did he find a nice, intelligent girl to take out in a place like this?” Then I started laughing.

Oh there was also something about buying an ice cream cone at Old Dutch Custard. I was apparently able to buy ice cream with Michelle’s EBT card (food stamps) and thought this was incredibly unfair, but whatever, I was getting ice cream for free.

And Michelle was in a different house with some girl I don’t know and I was there watching Teagan. He was eating something and I was asking him if he was ready to go to bed now that he was done eating and Michelle came in from doing something outside, but it was pretty late at night.


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