Driving is meditation. On my way back from Redding I began to wonder if all the 707 nonsense was merely to be around to be an angel for Fidel. Now the northern Colorado dreams are swirling and stirring as the next thing: antelope girl and the meadow framed by golden aspen, some dark bar in Fort Collins, Summit County. Welcome to a Higher State. I am so jealous that Joe gets to go to Keystone in March. The north coast is flickering, fading. Maybe I’ll never even make it there. This is how I met Fidel, convinced that I was destined to move to Eureka, I began trying to make friends and meet people there with the intention that I would be moving there in December. I never realized how much he appreciated me just being available and being myself, offering what bad advice I could. No one else seems to value me as a friend, so it was surprising to me that he should. Awe, I feel all warm and fuzzy.

Listen to the music. We will control the flows. Sucka freak cuz she so fly! It ain’t what you d0. It’s how you do it bro! Baby girl, just listen. Keep your game on the charger. Trying to make a connection. Gotta see past what you’re seeing on the surface. Baby, you ain’t saying nothing new. Step up!


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