Wake Up!

Why does it take me so long to get ready in the morning? I have this theory that it’s the French press. It takes forever to boil the water, and then I have to let it sit forever if I want it to be stronger than water. If there was a dislike button for French presses, I would push it. Why again did I decide against bringing my percolator back? Being a gypsy is a rough business sometimes. I am so close to just buying an autodrip coffee maker, but then I tell myself, how much longer before you are on the road again?

I really want to do my hair and make-up today, as pointless as that is. It will delay me even more. I wish I were going on an adventure this weekend. It’s a full moon and I have nothing to do, except stare at aerial photos so that all weekend I’ll have squiggly line syndrome.


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